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Upcoming Webinar on Proximity with the Mobile Enterprise
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iProximity along side our partners Mobile Mentor is conducting a Webinar on the use of Beacons in the Enterprise Mobility Space.

Are you ready for the next big thing in enterprise mobility? Join our webinar to learn how you can unlock the potential of beacon technology in your organisation.

In little more than 12 months, beacons have grabbed the attention of airports, manufacturers, retailers, events industries, the transport sector through to primary industries.

By giving you the ability to push personalised and relevant content to your mobile app users based on their location, beacons provide a low-cost, high-impact approach to providing great customer experience and to increase the efficiency of your workforce.

Join our webinar to learn about how beacon technology works, how you can use it to your advantage and what technology is needed to take on this exciting new opportunity.

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Welcome and Introductions

Setting the scene (Denis O’Shea – CEO Mobile Mentor)

Mobility vs. Portability
Wearables and beacons create context
Context + content = richer engagement

How beacon technology works (David Burden – CEO iProximity)

Beacon technology explained
Managing beacons through a platform
SDKs for app integration

Industry use cases (Randall Cameron – MD Mobile Mentor Australia)

Health & Safety

Services around beacons (Denis O’Shea – CEO Mobile Mentor)

Solution design
App Development
Back-end system integration
IPX configuration

Conclusions & Q & A


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